Please note: since mid-2020, the information on this page is outdated. DRSC Publishers Ltd. ceased operations in early 2020, with DRSC Media following in mid-2020. The website and content are now managed by an ex-employee of the company. The content will remain available all the way up to 2027, as wished by the original company and laid out in this 2019 company article.

What is DRSC Media?

With over 300K visits a year, DRSC Media’s main goal is defending and promoting the European Union’s interests and vision to both European citizens and foreign nations.

Only united will we achieve our dream of peace and prosperity.

DRSC Media, European interests, our priority, since 2017.

Who owns DRSC Media?

DRSC Media is 100% privately owned by DRSC Publishers Ltd. You can find our company information here.

Who finances DRSC Media?

We have (already) been accused in the past of being state-funded. We wish we were, but, sadly, we are not. DRSC Media is 100% privately funded by DRSC Publishers. DRSC Publishers is also a private company, and does not receive any kind of public funding.

We haven’t, and will never, accept(ed) money from any government or institution.

So far, according to those accusing us, we are funded by:

  • The European Commission
  • The European Parliament
  • The European Union
  • Cs (Ciudadanos), a Spanish political party
  • Huawei
  • The “CCP” (Communist Party of China)

We are still waiting for their cheques.

Currently, all of the operating costs are covered by DRSC Publishers and paying subscribers.

How many people work for DRSC Media?

Originally, the team had 3 people involved in the writing, correction, proofreading and publication of our articles. The team shrank to 2 between January 2018 and June 2019, before adding a new member in July 2019. The team is from different countries, speaks different languages and therefore views things differently, allowing us to give an accurate representation of the situation. All the staff involved in DRSC Media also work on other projects for DRSC Publishers.

Where is DRSC Media located?

Until June 2019, DRSC Media was fully located in the heart of Europe, in Brussels. Since then, we’ve expanded the team, re-opening our office in Alicante, Spain.