Wuthering Waves gifts 5-star Resonator with voucher

Wuthering Waves is gifting all new players a 5-star Resonator of their choice until early 2025.

In short

  • All existing and new players can get a free 5-star character of their choice between May 26th 2024 and May 22nd 2025
  • Voucher is sent via in-game mail and available as soon as this function is unlocked
  • Players can pick between Jianxin, Calcharo, Verina, Lingyang and Encore

Following Kuro Games’ announcement of the 24th of May 2024, the game’s developer is providing all existing and new players an in-game voucher to claim a 5-star Resonator through a special event, called “Targeted Convene”. The voucher is sent automatically to all players until May 22nd 2025 and expires on the same date if not used.

This special gift is being provided by the developer due to the numerous issues related to the launch of the game, including performance issues on both mobile and PC devices, issues with the translation quality of the story and in-game text, as well as several other issues affecting different parts of the gameplay experience.

Players can pick between 5 different 5-star Resonators, all included in the standard banner since launch, being Jianxin, Calcharo, Verina, Lingyang and Encore.

Each character has a different banner name, with Jianxin’s being “Cleansing Relflections”, Calcharo’s “Phantom Hunter”, Verina’s “Nature Calling”, Lingyang’s “Frosty Gusto” and Encore’s “Wooly-Counting Game”:

Once the 5-star character claimed, the banner automatically disappears.