Wuthering Waves: Get Sanhua for free! [Permanent new player gift]

Wuthering Waves is giving 4-star Resonator Sanhua for free to all new players.

In short

  • How to unlock: event unlocks right after talking to Sanhua in the City Hall of Jinzhou during the main story, Huanglong I – Act I
  • Rewards: Claim Sanhua on the 5th daily of daily login, 4 Lustrous Tide, 4 Radiant Tide

Wuthering Waves offers a wide range of benefits to new players, helping them get into the game and enjoy their overall gaming experience. While some of these benefits are tied to the launch, most are permanent new player gifts, such as the 4-star Resonator Sanhua, which can be obtained through the “Gifts of Thawing Frost” event.

In this event, the game rewards players who login daily for 7 days with 1 Lustrous Tide per day, 4-star Resonator Sanhua on the 5th day and 2 Radiant Tide for the last 2 remaining days.

The event is unlocked right after meeting Sanhua in the City Hall of Jinzhou during the beginning of the first chapter of Huanglong I – Act I, and is removed from the list as soon as players have claimed all the rewards.

It should be pointed out that Sanhua’s character design is rather elaborate and rich in details, while the character itself is not only easy to play but also quite strong in the early game, before we are allowed to pull for 5-star characters.