Wuthering Waves: Save the World? Save the Cat! [Side Quest]

Information about Wuthering Waves’ side quest “Save the World? Save the Cat!”, including where to find it, story, rewards and how to complete.

One of the early side quests that can be immediately done in Wuthering Waves can be found near Taoyuan Vale in the Central Plains, with the quest marker (a round, light blue “?”) popping up on the map as soon as you get close enough to it.

There, you’ll have to talk to restaurant owner Xiaoju, who’ll ask you to find her cat, which has gone missing.

The quest description reads as follows: “The cat of the restaurant owner Xiaoju has not returned. Please help find the naughty cat and bring it back to its owner.”

The cat can be found at the top of the tree next to the restaurant. Returning it to its owner completes the quest, not without first providing a rather amusing display of affection between Xiaoju and her cat.


This quest doesn’t provide any Astrite or EXP, instead rewarding the following:

  • 2 Medium Resonance Potion
  • 2 Medium Energy Core
  • 1 Medium Sealed Tube
  • 3000 Shell credits

An achievement with the same name as this quest is available, however this one is tied to several daily quests that are given out randomly. We’ll update this page once we have more information, but we’ve yet to get any of these daily quests, despite playing since launch.