To illustrate and write our articles, we regularly use content sourced from other websites and potential copyright holders. To avoid any potential trouble, we try as often as possible to use our own content or write everything from scratch, using the source material, such as companies’ official press material, financials, and other public information. In other cases, we end up deciding to source our content from third-party services, the main case being graphical content. In this precise example, we source it nearly exclusively from Unsplash, or directly from companies’ websites/press material.

In rare occasions, we will source content from other sources. We always try to make sure this content can be freely reused, or republished under fair use, with the only goal being to illustrate a specific part of an article, and not create entire content exclusively around it.

But even with all the precautions we take, we might sometimes miss something, reusing content that the original owner does not want to have shared. We also understand that some copyright holders might not want to have their content associated with ours, or our brand in general. If this is the case, then please:

  • Send us an e-mail, explaining the situation, linking the content you want removed from our website and proof you are the rightful owner of said content.
  • For content sourced from sites such as Unsplash, we are sorry, but we will not be removing the material from our website.
  • For content sourced from webstores such as Amazon, Vmall, etc, this is public material, and will thus not remove it.
  • Please only e-mail us if the content cannot be present on our website without your authorization. If it falls under fair use, we will have to decline your request.

For any reclamations, please e-mail us at We reply in under 24 hours. Please provide as many details as possible, such as content to be removed and proper paperwork to claim ownership.

Concerning copyright on our content:

As mentioned above, we produce large amounts of content. We will apply the same conditions to our own content. None of our content is free to use. If reused under fair use to, for example, illustrate an article, we are fine with just a mention of the source -us-. If you decide to reuse, under fair use, some of our content, we humbly request that you send us an e-mail with a link to the finished content, so we can have a look to what our content served/contributed to. We will not attempt or ask you to remove it, unless it falls outside of fair use or it is used to promote hate speech, discrimination against certain minorities and similar content. We believe there’s no need to provide examples, and that the usual “hate speech, etc” is enough to make you understand to what kind of content we are referring to.

Alternatively, you can always contact us directly and request permission to reuse our content. Only in rare occasions we will turn down the request. For example, if you desire to use some of our pictures of Brussels to illustrate an article about Brussels, it is more than likely that we will grand you permission. But, as mentioned, please e-mail us first! Thank you.

Finally, if you decide to reuse our content, you must follow some simple guidelines:

  • Specify the origin of the content by linking to the page you took said content from
  • Mention “DRSC Media”
  • Use the content as it is. Deforming the meaning of our sentences or watermarking our images is not allowed. Especially watermarking-if we ever see somebody reusing our pictures/images without crediting us and putting their own watermark on said pictures, we will start watermarking every single one of our images with the biggest watermark you’ll ever see in your entire life.
  • For pictures we’ve produced, we accept modifications, such as cropping or some minor editing.
  • Embedding is the simplest way to reuse content.
Yes, we are serious about this “watermark”.