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The use in this website of trademarked names and images is strictly for editorial and descriptive purposes, and no commercial claim to their use, or suggestion of sponsorship or endorsement, is made by DRSC Publishers Ltd. (DRSC Media’s owner).

What is Huawei News?

Huawei News is a section of DRSC Media launched at the end of 2017, covering everything related to Huawei, Honor and various subsidiaries. We mainly focus on Huawei Europe.

Even if we are extremely late or completely behind on many subjects, we are the best Huawei news source in English, with the most complete articles on many different matters related to the company and its products. Contrary to all other websites reporting about Huawei, we put a lot of effort to bring well-written and complete articles, trying to limit as much as possible the reuse of content, and entirely avoiding copy-pasting “journalism”. Most of our articles are based on information provided by Huawei Europe, thus differing to what other sites may claim.

We often cover subjects nobody else will bother covering, or give so much information that our article ends up becoming the most complete article on said subject… in general.

Who owns Huawei News?

Huawei News is a division of DRSC Media, which is 100% privately owned by DRSC Publishers Ltd. You can find our company information here.

Who finances Huawei News?

Huawei News does not receive any kind of compensation from Huawei. This includes no sponsorships, benefits, access to information, etc. Huawei News is fully funded by DRSC Media and DRSC Publishers.

We’ll go as far and say we’ve contacted Huawei in the past, requesting devices for review, but we have yet to receive an answer to our first e-mail….

How many people work for Huawei News?

Huawei News remains a division of DRSC Media. The team is composed of 3 people involved in the writing, correction, proofreading and publication of our articles. One of our members has been a Huawei fan since 2013, and even worked for them at some point. Thanks to DRSC Publishers’ “fully-digital” policy, we own a large number of Huawei devices, allowing us to produce detailed guides and reviews, instead of blatantly ripping-off information from Huawei’s website(s) and reposting it as our own, which would equate to stealing.

Where is Huawei News located?

Huawei News is located in the heart of Europe, in Brussels.