This page shows how many articles we’ve published, as well as other interesting statistics.

Please note that articles published by DRSC Pro are not counted the same way, as DRSC Pro is handled by DRSC Publishers on a different database. This also means the total amount of DRSC Pro articles is currently unknown until fully migrated to DRSC Media. It is estimated the company is holding on to over 600 DRSC Pro articles (August 2019: 1 500+ articles between DRSC Pro and DRSC Media)

Information showed is updated manually. Last updated: 17/08/2019

DRSC MediaDRSC ProDRSC Pro+*Total
Articles published78920922998
Words written278 64679 12412 087357 770
Average words per article353.16378.58549.41358.49
Articles in English556207763
Artículos en español1200120
Articles en Français1132115

*DRSC Pro+ is included in the total of DRSC Pro.

All free articles:

DRSC MediaDRSC Pro+Total
Articles published78922811
Words written278 64612 087290 733
Average words per article353.16549.41358.49

The following table is for Huawei News specifically. We do not have an exact word count for Huawei News articles, thus use the average. Huawei News includes Reviews & Guides too.

DRSC MediaDRSC ProTotal
Articles published26689355
Words written93 94133 694127 263
Average words per article353.16378.58358.49
Articles in English22387310
Artículos en español20020
Articles en Français23225