Huawei Mate 40 Pro+ receives large update with several system improvements, June 2023 security patch

Huawei’s Mate 40 Pro+ has just received a large update featuring several new features, system improvements and the security patches for June 2023.

Our Huawei Mate 40 Pro+ has just received a 1.4 GB system update featuring a wide range of new features and improvements to HarmonyOS, improvements to several system applications, as well as the security patches released in June 2023. While most of the new changes and improvements are rather specific, these greatly enhance the user experience in HarmonyOS3, bringing an even more rich and polished operating system.

This new update changes the version from NOP-AN00 to NOP-AN00 and is 1.39 GB in size.

The patch notes read as following:

  • This update further enhances your phone’s system, introducing a number of new features in addition to improved security and stability. Enhanced Service Widgets, Multi-Window, App Guard, and one-step interactions deliver an enhanced user experience.
  • [Service Widgets] Widget combos now automatically expand or shrink as widgets are added or removed, while stacks intelligently reshuffle to show the widgets you need on top.
  • [Multi-Window] Allows you to save split-screen combos to the home screen, so you can quickly open preset app pairs in split-screen view.
  • Enhances your experience with Multi-Window. Floating windows now automatically shrink and stay open when you return to the home screen.
  • [Calendar] Adds a new course schedule add-on for Calendar. You can import courses by taking photos or selecting images from Gallery, customize courses, set schedule reminders, as well as add a course schedule widget to your home screen for quick access.
  • [Charging] Improves the charging experience with Turbo charge mode.
  • [App Guard] Improves App Guard for enhances security. When an app tries to redirect you to another app, a pop-up will appear to ask for your permission.
  • [System] Allows documents to be previewed in one step, so you no longer have to select an app to open the file with first.
  • Allows call audio to be switched between the speaker, earpiece, and Bluetooth devices via Multi-device Audio Control.
  • Optimizes the Huawei Print screen, making it easier to print documents in a single touch through a simplified and unified entry.
  • Optimizes system performance, providing a smoother experience when scrolling and swiping through screens and opening apps. You’ll also find your device loads quickly even when you stop an animation effect before it has finished.
  • Adds a quick download shortcut for Petal Lite Games to the home screen. Touch the shortcut to download the app.
  • [Security] Integrates security patches released in June 2023 for improved system security.

The Petal Lite Games is just a shortcut that, as usual, can be deleted very easily, so as not to clutter the screen, or in case the user is uninterested in this service.