Huawei will open research centres in Zurich and Lausanne, in Switzerland

unsplash-logoThomas Hetzler | Zürich, Swtizerland

Huawei has recently announced their plans of opening two research and development centres in Switzerland, one in Zurich and the other one in Lausanne.

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In an interview with Huawei’s rotating chairman Eric Xu, this one has announced that the company is planning to open two research and development centres, one in Zurich and the other one in Lausanne, due to the proximity with the polytechnic schools. The opening of these centres will mean job creation, but the company hasn’t specified how many jobs will be created. Mister Xu has said that the contracts will soon be signed. The Chinese company already has headquarters in Switzerland, in Zurich, and employs some 350 people.

In the interview, it is mentioned that Huawei’s research and development centres in Switzerland will focus on the “smart city”.

Huawei has various clients in Switzerland, such as the carriers Swisscom and Sunrise, and sells servers to various companies. 

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