Leave.eu doubles-down on World War claims, uses Churchill as justification

Because when you want to showcase your stupidity to the world, you need to make sure to double-down on it.

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The extremist Brexiters running the Leave.eu… campaign? Organization? Joke? appear to have decided to double-down on their World War II claims, after thinking that hitting on Germans and Merkel with one of the most tasteless and insulting messages in recent memory was insufficient. In our past article, we pointed out how these clowns conveniently forgot most of the historical facts to make their stupidity not seem… well, stupidity. Now, they’ve decided to double-down on it, to prove us all that yes, they can be even dumber than they actually are, and that, most likely, we aren’t even close to the bottom yet!

This time, in another picture depicting their beloved Winston Churchill (it’s always Churchill or Thatcher, because, apparently, they have no other memorable politicians), they mentioned “Two World Wars and one World Cup!”, together with a screenshot of a message from Twitter concerning a report on the previous picture, in a clear attempt to mock those who were offended by it.

Report aside, in our previous article, we already debunked the two world wars claim, leaving us with the one football cup to debunk: sure, the “UK” won it in 1966, with only some old, senile, next-to-dead people still alive to remember this. For instance, if we look at the age of some of the most “prominent” Brexiters, Farage was born in 1964, thus being too young to even remember this event, together with his clown-mate Boris Johnson, who also happens to be born in 1964. Meanwhile, their good friend Rees-Mogg was born in 1969. Wait, what’s this? All these idiots were born around the same time? Impressive, they must have lacked some nutrients in those post-war, cold era ages, to develop their frankly worrying mental condition.

After all, the British Empire ended a long time ago, yet they still think it shines and invokes respect from all foreigners, as if it was some kind of “divinity”. If we come back to the football claims, France, a country often mocked for “losing” two wars, actually won the cup twice, in 1998 and 2018. Meanwhile, Spain won it once in 2010, and Germany, the oh so hated Germany, won it 4 times, in 1954, 1974, 1990 and 2014. Even Italy, one of the Axis allies, won it 4 times, which, at this point, is a quite saddening fact.

If we now focus on Winston Churchill, this one is not exactly the right person to mock the EU and Europeans. While yes, he was British, and is both well-known and mostly respected in the rest of Europe, Churchill is commonly referred to as one of the “founding fathers” of the European Union, having actually called for the formation of “a kind of United States of Europe” in one of his many speeches.

Of course, others can also easily mock the United Kingdom and Leave.eu, by reminding them of the fact that another respected historical figure, the French général Charles de Gaulle, vetoed the UK’s candidacy to the European Union back in 1961, with the country only really managing to join in 1973.

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