Brussels: European Summit

DRSC Media, 2018 | Taken with Huawei Mate RS Porsche Design

From October 18th until the 20th, the European Summit is celebrated in Brussels, with all 27 EU members attending to discuss future policies. 

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Theresa May, UK’s Prime Minister, ended up inviting herself, bringing the total participants to 28.

On the agenda of this European Summit are various topics:

  • External aspects of migration with a focus on financial needs to slow down the flow of illegal migrants from Africa
  • Digital Europe (easier exchange of digital goods between EU countries, as well as the development of e-tools for governments)
  • Talks about European security and defense, possible launch of the “Permanent Structured Cooperation” which would open the doors in the future to an European Army
  • Talks about North Korea, Iran and Turkey
  • French President Macron will talk about trade negotiations
  • Prime Minister May will talk about the current state of the Brexit talks

The whole Friday morning will be dedicated to Brexit talks, with the relocation of the UK-based agencies and the withdrawal of the UK from the EU.

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