Huawei re-opens some stores in Europe

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Huawei is now slowly re-opening their various stores across Europe, with, for example, the re-opening of their two flagship stores in Spain or their Experience store in Brussels.

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As the restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic start being lifted, with, for example, the end of the lockdown and many workers going back to work, various companies have started re-opening their various stores throughout Europe, such as Huawei. The manufacturer operates various flagship stores throughout the continent, with these stores both showcasing all their latest novelties and offering customer service, with a dedicated repair centre in each of them.

For instance, since today, the 11th of May 2020, many of Huawei’s Experience stores are open once again, such as their flagship stores in Madrid and Barcelona, in Spain, or their newest flagship store in Paris, France. A smaller Experience store, located in Brussels, Belgium, is also now open once again. However, while most of the stores are now open once again, both customers and staff have to follow various rules, such as maintaining the social distancing recommendations or limiting the access to their customers, with only a few customers allowed inside each time. For example, at the Paris store in France, all the employees will be wearing masks and regularly disinfect their hands, on top of taking their temperature at the beginning of each day, to make sure none of them has a fever. Clients will also be able to disinfect their hands with hand sanitizer available at the store and at the customer service area. Of course, special attention is being paid to the various products on display, with the staff disinfecting the devices before and after the customer touches them, and, on top of this already quite aggressive policy, the staff will also disinfect all the devices every 30 minutes. As previously mentioned, customers will also have to follow the social distancing recommendations, keeping at least one metre between each other.

Similar policies are being applied in the smaller Brussels store, with only 5 clients allowed inside at the same time, with 2 in the showroom and 3 at the service centre, and with at least 1.5 metres between each other. To help customers with the various measures put in place, one of the staff members will guide each customer and provide further instructions and clarifications.

In Spain, both the flagship store in Madrid and in Barcelona are now open, with all the staff wearing masks and other protection, to both protect themselves and customers. However, the smaller, newer store at the commercial centre of La Gavia remains closed, at least for the foreseeable future.

The timing of the coronavirus pandemic has been rather unfortunate for Huawei, as the manufacturer has been opening multiple new stores throughout Europe, such as with the opening of their flagship store in Madrid in the Summer of 2019. The timing was especially bad for the new flagship stores in Barcelona and Paris, with both having opened some weeks before the lockdown. The same could be said about the Experience store in Brussels, which closed at the beginning of December 2019 for extensive renovations and had re-opened at the end of the same month, before eventually having to close once again in mid-March, as Belgium announced the lockdown.

Huawei also announced and released the P40 series when most of Europe had been put on lockdown, being possibly the worst time to launch new smartphones, as customers were unable to check out the devices in stores or might not have known what the future held for them, with thousands losing their jobs and multiple business closing down, both temporarily and for good, with many going bankrupt.

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