“Pinstripe” developer Thomas Brush releases “Zero Deaths”, a game based around PewDiePie’s channel

Zero Deaths | From [itch.io]

The developer behind “Pinstripe” just released a game based around PewDiePie’s channel, made in 14 days.

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Please note that this article contains spoilers of the game.

It all started with the developer daring PewDiePie to dare him to develop a game. The developer behind the game, Thomas Brush, then spend 14 days livestreaming the development of his new game, called “Zero Deaths”, an obvious reference to the ongoing joke of PewDiePie never dying in games. Now, the game is freely available on itch.io, with the possibility of donating to the developer. The developer claims 50% of the tips will be given to the charity “Gamers for Good”. The game is available here.

Here’s a link to the trailer of the game:

“Zero Deaths” is, as mentioned, based around PewDiePie’s channel and the current events, being the “battle” between the Swedish YouTuber and the Indian channel/company T-Series. In “Zero Deaths”, the “battle” has been lost, and the player has to help PewDiePie rescue his fiancée (in the game, his wife) and three other friends, being Brad, Jack and Mark. This is achieved by fighting a series of robots and other enemies, resolving some relatively simple puzzles and ultimately winning a boss battle against… Edgar, the dog of the YouTuber. What a surprising plot twist.

During the short journey, as the game can be completed in around 30 minutes, the player will come across a series of references to memes, such as Ugandan Knuckles, Goose Wayne (aka Batman), Stefan Karlsson (Robbie Rotten in Lazy Town) or the Boar Vessel, 600-500 BC. Some of the characters helping are Slippy, one of PewDiePie’s pets, Doctor Phil and even Elon Musk. Finally, and quite cleverly, G Fuel is used to replenish health.

Overall, the game is quite enjoyable. Both the art and the soundtrack are quite impressive for a free game, with a rather simplistic story, although, as mentioned, quite enjoyable.

For those interested, here’s a full gameplay video:

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