Huawei starts trialling Huawei Video in Europe

Huawei has launched a beta for their streaming service Huawei Video in Europe, rewarding users that decide to test the application before launch.

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In Spain and in Italy, Huawei users that have a Huawei ID set in one of these two countries have access to a service called Huawei Video, service which behaves in a similar way to Netflix, allowing users to stream movies and series, both for free and with a monthly subscription. As seen in various articles in the past, in November 2019 Huawei added Filmin to Huawei Video in Spain, a similar service to Netflix but aimed at Spanish customers, with this addition bringing 10K movies and over 200 series to Huawei Video, with the subscription costing 7.99€/month. Huawei Video is also available in China, and can be easily accessed by creating a Huawei ID and selecting “China” as location. Of course, as expected, all the content is in Chinese:

In preparation for the launch of Huawei Video in Europe, likely in March, the company is now beta-testing the application outside of the two countries it is already available in, with this test limited to the UK, Germany, France, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Poland and Turkey. Those interested in participating in the beta have to download Huawei’s “SmartTest” application, which is used to test betas and report bugs with a series of in-built tools:

Huawei “SmartTest” can be found on Huawei’s AppGallery. Huawei is looking to test most of the functionalities of the application, such as the welcome page, the search function, how well the content plays (quality, streaming speed, etc), whether the settings work as intended and if the UI layout is adapted to the device of the user. Furthermore, the company expects beta testers to report translation errors, the legality of the content based on the country of residence of each user as well as whether the descriptions of the shows are properly formatted and have all the information required, such as logo, uploader, etc.

The brand will be rewarding users who submit the most bug reports through its Irish subsidiary Aspiegel Limited, which is the company in charge of Huawei Mobile Services in our continent. The top contributors will be decided by the end of the testing period, with the top 10 users getting a Diamond award worth 100€ in Huawei Points. Those between the 11th and the 30th position will be getting the Platinum award, being worth 50€ in Huawei Points, and, lastly, those between the 31st and the 60th position will be getting the Gold award, worth 30€ in Huawei Points. On top of all this, participants that have sent valid feedback will be rewarded with 5€ in Huawei Points, although this participation reward is limited to 2 000 people.

As a quick reminder, Huawei Points can be used to purchase themes via Huawei Themes, subscriptions in Huawei Video in Italy and Spain, Cloud storage, or pay for in-app purchases on a few games and applications available on AppGallery.

Those interested can find the full conditions on this page. The testing period is open from the 14th February to the 8th March 2020. For those interested in the Terms & Conditions, we’ve saved a copy here.

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