Huawei should unveil two new variants of the Watch GT alongside the P30 series

Huawei | P30 Series

Together with the announcement of the P30 series, Huawei should be unveiling two new variants of the Watch GT.

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The Huawei Watch GT was initially announced in October 2018, together with the Mate 20 series, and released the following month. Currently, two versions are available, one with a black silicone strap and another one with a brown leather strap. The Watch GT uses Huawei’s own OS, LiteOS, which is quite limited compared to Google’s WearOS, but has the advantage of consuming less battery and running with very little resources.

The current Watch GT has a 1.39 inches OLED display, with a resolution of 454*454 pixels, is waterproof, can be used with GPS, GLONASS and Galileo and has a 420mAh battery, allowing it to last two to three weeks (without using the GPS, obviously). If anything, the most interesting features on the Watch GT are its battery life and its precision when it comes down to health monitoring (sleep, heartrate, etc), but lacks features such as being able to install applications, etc. ​

The two new variants should be revealed today, the 26th. For now, we already know one of them will be the Huawei Watch GT “Active” or “Active Edition”, which, externally, only seems to differ by its colour. Pricing-wise, it is expected to cost 249€.

There are also rumours about a Huawei Watch GT “Elegant”, supposedly costing 229€, although that’s all the information currently available on this version. 

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