Where to buy the European version of Huawei’s Mate 20X (EVR-L29)?

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Huawei announced the Mate 20 series in October 2018, stating that the Mate 20X would be released in Europe at a later date.

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Huawei announced the Mate 20 series back in October 2018, revealing 3 different high-end devices, the Mate 20, the Mate 20X and the Mate 20 Pro. Both the Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro were up for pre-order after the event in most European countries, with the Mate 20X missing. Huawei did specify the device would launch on the European market at a later date, although since then we’ve been waiting, and availability is still scarce.

Some units were available at the end of last year in a limited run in Spain, sold on Amazon.es and Media Markt Spain. This stock sold out in no time, giving little time to those who were interested in one to buy it.

It would seem Huawei decided to sell this device long-term in the UK, Spain and Portugal, although at a relatively high price compared to the current prices of the Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro. As a comparison, the Mate 20 now retails at around 450 to 500 euros, while the Mate 20 Pro can be found for 700 to 800 euros. Originally, the Mate 20 retailed for 799€ and the Mate 20 Pro retailed for 999€. The Mate 20X is currently listed for 750 to 900 euros, depending on the store, with the announced price being 899€. In most cases, these offers include the 49€ M-Pen.

The device can be found on both Amazon.es and Amazon.co.uk, which ship to the rest of Europe (and most cases, of the world). The model on Amazon.es comes with a regular “European” charger, while the UK model comes with, well, a UK charger, which is pretty useless anywhere else in Europe. None of the following links are affiliated:

Amazon.es (Mate 20X+Band 3E, 899€)

Amazon.co.uk (Mate 20X+M-Pen+Flipcover, 699£ [~800€])

Clove Technology (Mate 20X+M-Pen+Flipcover, 700£ [~800€])

Media Markt España (Phone only, 749€)

Media Markt España (Phone+M-Pen, 749€)

El Corte Inglés (Phone+M-Pen, 799.90€)

Media Markt Portugal (Phone only, 719€)

The Mate 20X comes with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage space, a big 7.2 inches 1080p display, and the same camera as on the Mate 20 Pro, being 40MP+20MP+8MP. It is also powered by HiSilicon’s Kirin 980, and a 5 000mAh battery. The processor is properly cooled to be able to play games longer, and the device can be unlocked thanks to a rear fingerprint reader. In short, the Mate 20X is a mix between the Mate 20 and the Mate 20 Pro, although with a very big display.

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