Airbus signs 30 billion euros deal with China

unsplash-logoDaniel Eledut

​European aircraft manufacturer Airbus recently signed the sale of 300 aircraft to China.

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​During Xi Jinping’s (China’s “leader”) tour in Europe a week ago, this one met with French President Macron, signing a series of contracts. One of these contracts was with Airbus, the European aircraft manufacturer, rival to US aircraft manufacturer Boeing, agreeing to the sale of some 300 planes. It is estimated that this deal is worth some 30 billion euros. The sale includes the purchase of 290 A320, as well as 10 A350 XWB planes.

This comes at the same time as Boeing is facing a difficult situation with the Boeing 737 MAX, with China recently stopping issuing certificates for the 737 MAX 8.

Both countries also signed other contracts, including the construction of an offshore wind-farm in China and the purchase of various Chinese-made containerships by French shipping company CMA CGM. In total, both countries signed deals for a total of some 40 billion euros.

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