Spanish criminal present in the European Institutions thanks to Catalonia

​The Catalonian independentist party has nominated a Spanish criminal to the position of representant of Catalonia in front of the EU in Brussels.

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Meritxell Serret has been nominated by the current Catalonian president, Quim Torra, as representant of Catalonia for the EU in Brussels, in the so called “Catalonian embassy”. Not only is this a shameless act of defiance against Spanish authorities and justice, as well as an insult to the citizens of Spain, but it is also an insult to the European Institutions.

The European Institutions, as well as the European Union, are both going through difficult times, where their use is being questioned, and a growing number of European citizens start opposing them and voicing out their complaints. This situation is not improved by situations such as the glyphosate vote back in October 2017, immigration policies, unpopular directives such as Article 11 and Article 13 of the Copyright Directive, as well as a growing suspicion of corruption at the top of the institutions, with cases such as Juncker and LuxLeaks, the nomination of Selmayr, the lobbying of companies such as Facebook to slow down legislation or telecoms trying to stop cheaper rates to preserve high profits, the waste of money by having two parliament buildings and many other issues. We now suddenly have a criminal, a person sought by the Spanish justice for breaching the law, walking freely inside the European Parliament, which is supposed to represent the voice of the European citizens.

The European Parliament itself has an extremely bad reputation amongst quite a lot of people, with scandals such as a high absenteeism level amongst MPs, their questionable power & real utility in governing the EU (with no real power nor voice to influence the European Commission), and generally being perceived as a job people get then try to keep by all means (except by working) due to the good pay, benefits and pension.

Do we really need to add to this list the presence of a criminal on the run, which could further ridicule the democratic institution, and give the wrong impression about crime and corruption in general? This person and other members of the ex-Catalonian government are an example of how useless European arrest warrants can be, and how judges should stick to what is written on them and not start deciding on their own whether to extradite the citizens or not, questioning the national justice of some countries. This person and the other members have shown how useless these warrants are, and the many issues the EU still has to overcome if it wants, one day, to become a united continent.

This person, Meritxell Serret, should be banned from entry in the European Institutions, in order to avoid conflict with Spain as a member-state, and to not further sully the name of the European Parliament, who, over the past few years, has been slowly but surely been building out a name for themselves amongst us, as an institution that truly listens to the citizens and works for us, and not against us.

The defiance and lack of shame Quim Torra has been showing to the Spanish government is even worse than that of Puigdemont’s, with constant attacks, complaints, threats, defying the authority abroad, dishonest behaviour, lies, further muddying the name of Spain, and all this against a weak government who is uninterested in solving the issues of the country and prefers to hide rather than to act. 

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