Musk loses it again, insults one diver from Thailand’s cave rescue

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Not too long ago, a football team composed of 12 young boys and their coach were stuck in a submerged cave in Thailand.

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​The story is rather curious. After being asked for help by diverse people on Twitter, Tesla and SpaceX’s CEO, the well-known Elon Musk, decided to put his engineers to design a mini-submarine that could rescue the boys and their coach safely. He also offered Thailand’s government “Powerpacks” and pumps.

At the end, Musk’s mini-submarine was never used, as it was finished and delivered after the children had been saved. Without any use anymore, Musk decided to leave the submarine in Thailand, as it could be “useful in the future”. Thai Navy Seals did confirm it may be useful in future rescue operations in the sea, for example.

The whole story could have ended here, but for some reason, Musk decided to go ahead and try to continue promoting his submarine, disrespecting the person in charge of the rescue operation, the former provincial governor, Narongsak Osottanakorn, as this one claimed the submarine was not practical for the rescue operation. One of the British divers, Vern Unsworth, who participated in the rescue operation, decided to speak about it, mentioning himself the submarine would have been useless in this case. Mr. Unsworth called Musk’s submarine idea a “PR stunt” and that “He can stick his submarine where it hurts”.

Then Musk lost it on Twitter. In a series of response tweets (deleted at this point) to Mr. Unsworth claims, he called the diver “pedo guy”, and even going further, replying to another user “Bet ya a signed dollar it’s true.”.

The attacked diver is now considering legal action against Musk. Some lawyers consider he could get anywhere between 150K $ in the UK to half a million to a million in US courts, due to these allegations being potentially shown to Musk’s 22 million Tweeter followers. One of Tesla’s largest shareholder has also mentioned he would be conveying his feelings to the company. Meanwhile, Tesla’s shares fell by close to 3%, barely losing 10$ of value. 

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