Huawei has already shipped 100 million smartphones this year

​Last week, at the Nova 3 launch event, Huawei revealed the company had already shipped 100 million smartphones this year.

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July 18th, during the Nova 3 launch event, Huawei’s consumer group CEO, the well-known Richard Yu, announced the company has sold 100 million smartphones since the beginning of the year. Huawei’s objective is shipping 200 million units by the end of the year, with 20 million of them being from their P20 series. So far, Huawei has managed to sell 6.5 million P20 series units, with some sources saying the company has achieved 7.5 million P20 series units sold by mid-July.

In 2017, Huawei shipped a total of 153 million smartphones, placing it 3rd globally, behind Samsung and Apple. Meanwhile, Apple, 2nd globally, shipped a total of 215 million iPhones. Huawei’s objective is eventually becoming the biggest smartphone maker and would like to pass in front of Apple in the coming years.