IFA 2018: Huawei releases Mate 20 Lite

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Leaked a couple of days before release by a Polish shop, the Mate 20 Lite is now official.

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The Mate 20 Lite has been officially released by Huawei. The smartphone is as the leaks mentioned, since we had all the information beforehand. As said in our previous article, the Mate 20 Lite comes with Huawei’s newest Kirin 710, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage, just as the P Smart+/Nova 3i. The specs are as following:

  • Kirin 710, GPU Turbo already installed
  • 4GB of RAM
  • 64GB of internal storage, expandable with microSD card, up to 256GB
  • 6.3” screen, with 2340×1080 pixels resolution, notch
  • Fingerprint sensor at the back, facial recognition
  • Double front (24MP+2MP) and double back (20MP+2MP) cameras, has AI scenery recognition, 3D Qmojis
  • 3 750mAh battery, USB-C charger
  • Headphone jack
  • EMUI 8.2
  • Usual connectivity options, Bluetooth 4.2, Double-SIM
  • Available in 3 colours: Black, Blue or Gold
  • The price is of 399€, VAT included

There are promotions in some European countries, where the customer can get a scale from Huawei, and some other countries have a 50€ reduction (with conditions!) on the price, leaving the device at 349€. Some places having it stock are Amazon (with a 50€ gift card) or Media Markt.

For the Kirin 710, we’ll probably do a dedicated review on it and the P Smart+, but here are some quick results from two popular benchmarks. The results, well, if you are fine with those benchmarking applications, then it’s fine. Please note that the results come from the P Smart+ and not a Mate 20 Lite. Both have a Kirin 710, and we’re using the P Smart+’s Kirin 710 as a reference.

On Geekbench 4, the Kirin 710 scores:

  • CPU: 1 603 (single-core), 5 464 (Multi-core)
  • Compute: 4 018

On AnTuTu, the Kirin 710 scores:

  • Total score of: 136 498
  • CPU: 64 983
  • GPU: 22 002
  • UX: 37 532
  • MEM: 11 981

As comparison, the Kirin 960 aboard the Mate 9/P10 scores around 150K on AnTuTu, while the Kirin 970 scores around 200K points. ​

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