Huawei shows Louis Vuitton limited edition P30 Pro case

It is through a post on Huawei Belgium Facebook’s page that we found out there is a limited series Louis Vuitton phone case for the P30 series.

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It is through a Facebook post from Huawei Belgium that we found out there is a limited series Louis Vuitton phone case for the Huawei P30 series. The post in question is a contest, giving away two cases. Of course, chances of winning are rather slim, with hundreds of comments under the post, and, seeing the contest ends in 4 days, on the 18th of September, we can expect a few extra hundred more comments to be posted.

The pictures in question are taken by “Bible of fashion”, a Belgian stylist.

Regardless, when Huawei launched the P30 series at the end of March 2019 in Paris, the Chinese manufacturer showed a few exclusive accessories, such as Swarovski cases, as well as cases designed by French designer Quentin Obadia. It would seem that since then, the company has expanded its line-up of premium cases, adding exclusive cases from French luxury brand Louis Vuitton around June-July of this year. The two cases, one for the P30 and one for the P30 Pro, come with a “Monogram” pattern, and are made, obviously, out of leather, which is expected once seeing the price tag: in China, both cases are sold for 3050 Chinese Yuan, which is roughly 390€.

It would seem these cases are not sold in Europe. A quick research shows they are available in the Philippines and China, with, most likely, the Chinese market being the main target for these products. The P30 Louis Vuitton case can be seen here, while the P30 Pro Louis Vuitton case can be seen here.

Here are some pictures of the cases:


P30 Pro:

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