Mashinky gets road vehicles in new update


Through a new update, Mashinky’s dev has added road vehicles, another piece of the promised content.

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As previously reported in one of our Mashinky articles, the transport tycoon game was supposed to get an update yesterday, adding road vehicles. As promised, the developer delivered, releasing the update as expected:

Image from developer.

And here’s the trailer of this new update:

This new update builds on top of the existing content, with the game currently having 5 eras out of the 7 planned. The vehicles added form part of the first few eras, allowing players to transport both passengers and lightweight cargo for now, although more vehicles should be added in the future, allowing players to transport food and goods via roads.

As covered in our previous article, road vehicles work mostly the same way as trains, meaning players will have to build stations on both ends, as well as a depot to be able to buy the vehicles and put them on a route. As with real stations, players can create a mix of road and train stations, although these share the inventory space. Also, as with trains, players can hop in one of the vehicles to enjoy the ride through their map. Here are some images released by the developer recently:

Funnily enough, vehicles can overtake other vehicles on the road, if the speed between each other is big enough and there is, obviously, space in front of them. For railway crossings, the developer warns placing them too close to high-speed lines/trains can lead to accidents (“disasters”, as he says himself), meaning players will have an added constraint when placing tracks and roads if they decide to use and mix both means of transportation:

The full details of this new update can be found here. As per usual, we would like to mention that DRSC Translators, a division of DRSC Publishers (DRSC Media’s owner) is in charge of the French translation of the game. Mashinky can be purchased on Steam for 22.99€, or directly through the developer’s website for the same price (24.99$).

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