Leave.EU continue spewing hate through lies

The “political” party Leave.EU continues spreading hate with more than questionable political messages on their social media accounts.

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As per usual, the extremists running the Leave.EU social media accounts, whoever those clowns are, continue with their lies, such as when they talked about doctors being better off without EU rules, a claim we are still waiting for them to explain.

This time, and not having a better excuse, they felt the need to bring back up the “two world wars” argument, argument we’ve already extensively covered in past articles, such as when Jeremy Hunt compared the European Union to the Soviet Union. After all, and as a reminder for those that might have forgotten it, the First World War was won with the help of millions of soldiers coming from colonies and allies. Meanwhile, the Second World War was won through the sacrifice of millions of Russian forces and allies coming from all corners of the world, such as Canada, the US, Australia, etc.

Brits, and especially Brexiters, also love to forget all the Europeans that formed part of their glorious army, such as thousands of Eastern Europeans serving as pilots in the beloved British RAF, with Poles and Czechoslovaks being amongst the most efficient pilots. But, sure, let’s ignore facts, let’s ignore History, and let’s continue claiming the UK won the war alone. We’ve gotten to a point where it is hard to not wish for Hitler and the Axis to have succeed in taking over the UK, with the conveniently forgotten allies having refused to help. At least, that way, we wouldn’t be hearing these twats breaking both our ears and balls on a daily basis with “BREXIT IS BREXIT” and showing to all their stupidity, but it turns out History decided they would be amongst the winners… together with the allied forces.

Some people might attempt to remind us to remain respectful towards others, especially towards people suffering from some “personal issues”. While we would generally agree, we believe one should only be respectful towards others if those others are also respectful, which, so far, Leave.EU has proven not to be. For instance, while the claim of having won two wars, supposedly alone, is not offensive per se, the use of the word “Kraut”, especially in this context, is, with “Kraut” being a derogatory word used to describe German soldiers in both wars and considered by German authorities as offensive.

At the same time, while we do not agree with all of Merkel’s policies, calling her a “Kraut” is taking it one step too far, as she deserves more respect than anybody from Leave.EU. At least, compared to all the clowns from this so-called “political” party, Merkel has not only a university degree, but also a doctorate for her thesis on quantum chemistry. Sadly, and as it has been seen on multiple other occasions, when reporting this post, both Twitter and Facebook think this frankly disgusting and hate-filled picture is ok for their platforms, which is unsurprising, seeing the amount of protection they give to extremists. After all, most of these pro-Brexit extremist accounts should have been terminated long ago, as well as the websites they’ve created themselves to support their cause, such as “Westmonster” or even Leave.EU’s own website, not because of their political beliefs, but because of the way they convey them, by lying, manipulating and insulting other groups of people.

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