Minor outage for Huawei’s Mobile Cloud

One of the features of Huawei’s Mobile Cloud was unavailable for a few days.

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Huawei’s European Mobile Cloud, used by users to sync their Gallery pictures, contacts, backup their device and others, suffered a minor outage between the 5th and the 7th (maybe even the 8th) October 2019. While the Cloud would still sync the Huawei Gallery and other options, users trying to access their pictures from the web interface were met with a loading screen and finally a message claiming “Internet connection unavailable or slow. Gallery may take a while to load. Cancel.”. We decided to double-check whether this was true or not and whether everybody was affected by this or if it only affected certain users, and we were met with the same message on the 7th, which was surprising, taking in account we (finally!) have a rather fast internet connection. From what we’ve seen, and seeing the few reports here and there, this issue affected users in multiple different European countries, such as UK or Belgium.

Other parts of the web version of Huawei’s Mobile Cloud worked just fine, with Contacts, Notepad, Recorder and Huawei Drive all accessible, making this outage even more curious.

Picture coming from Huawei’s UK Forum.

The service is now back online, although with a new interface. We are unsure of when this new interface was rolled out, as we don’t really use the web version, relying on the Cloud as a backup for most of our pictures, and using the functionality to sync them across all our Huawei mobile devices.

Regardless, this is, as mentioned, a minor outage, as users could still access their pictures on their phone, move them via Bluetooth/cable or continue syncing them with the Huawei Mobile Cloud, thus only being unable to download/view them on the web version. Seeing how few reported the issue too, contrary to last time Huawei’s Mobile Cloud went down in Europe, together with the rest of Huawei’s Mobile Services, back at the end of March of this year, 2019, it would seem not many people use the web version of Huawei’s Mobile Cloud, which makes sense.

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