Huawei unveils special edition of the Watch GT2

At the Nova 6 series launch, Huawei unveiled a special edition of the Watch GT2.

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Yesterday, at the launch of the Nova 6 series in China, Huawei unveiled a special edition of the Watch GT2, matching the new year celebrations. There are two models available, one with the more compact, 42mm case, and one with the regular 46mm case. While these two new variants do not have any differences in terms of hardware, each one comes with a new band, which, as a reminder, can be switched with other bands having different designs or being made with different materials.

Software-wise, this special edition includes new watch faces themed around the Chinese New Year, with 2020 being the year of the Rat. We also see the addition of support for WeChat’s red envelope reminders, which will remind users when a red envelope arrives on a group for example, instead of having to keep an eye for them constantly. As a quick mention, “red envelopes” is a Chinese practice of gifting money in a red envelope for important occasions, such as the new year, weddings, etc. Those of us who have had Chinese employers, or work for Chinese companies, might actually have received one, or seen them being given out. Various applications, such as WeChat and QQ, also have a red envelope feature, allowing users to send money to friends, family or groups.

In China, the two new variants of the Watch GT2 will go on pre-order the 24th of December, and will be available on the 1st of January 2020, with the Chinese New Year starting the 25th of January 2020. Pricing-wise, the 42mm will cost 1588¥, while the 46mm variant will cost 1688¥. In other words, these new variants of the Watch GT2 won’t cost more than the existing ones, having the exact same pricing. In Europe, the 42mm variant retails for 229€, while the 46mm variant retails for 249€. It is unclear whether these two new versions will make it to our continent, especially due to how targeted they seem to be, with the watch faces only really being useful to Chinese users. The WeChat red envelope support is also an interesting feature but, once again, is very targeted towards a specific userbase.

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