After claiming prices would go down, pro-Brexit Wetherspoon pub chain announces potential price increases

Elliott Brown [CC BY 2.0], Flick

So, which one is it, Mr. pro-Brexit Wetherspoon owner?

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After asking (more like pushing) its customers to vote for Brexit, mixing politics and drunken nights, the chairman of the Wetherspoon pub chain has now said prices will have to go up at some point in the next 12 months, as the company is “unwilling to cut costs at the expense of customer service”.

Claiming during the entire Brexit campaign that voting Brexit meant being able to get drunk for cheaper on Australian wine and other alcohols, instead of whatever European wine and beer the chain serve(ed)s, the same drunkard is now claiming prices will have to go up for some obscure reason? And what about those supposed savings that Brexit would bring? What about that cheaper booze the chairman promised? Oh, right, another millionaire lying about Brexit, as per usual, to protect his own interests at the expense of regular citizens.

The pub chain has also been replacing random European brands with British ones, preparing for Brexit in advance.

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