Takeo Ischi is back with “Chicken pig attack”

From Schmoyoho.

Following his 2017 collaboration with Schmoyoho, Takeo Ischi is back with a new song, “Chicken pig attack”.

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One of the most… impressive men in recent times, the Japanese yodeler Takeo Ischi, is back with a new song, “Chicken pig attack”. Picking up where “Chicken attack” left off in 2017, this new song expands the Takeo universe and continues with the story, with a sequel already announced and teased at the end of this video:

The original song, “Chicken attack”, released in 2017, has managed to amass an impressive 19 million views on YouTube, although this isn’t much compared to the 17+3.5 million views Takeo’s most famous song, “New Bibi Hendl”, has managed to gather between the first upload and the publisher’s version:

While yodeling has mostly fallen out of fashion in our era, at least compared to popular music, and yodeling about chickens might be seen as ridiculous or being non-sense, Takeo Ischi’s songs remain extremely catchy and manage to improve the mood of anybody, putting a smile on the face of most listeners, mostly due to the actual ridiculousness of the songs and the contagious energy of the singer. However, this is not something anybody can do, showing the amount of work and skill Ischi has put in his art, earning the respect from most and being regarded as a reference in his profession.

Coming back to this new song, this one follows the story laid out in the original “Chicken attack” video, this time adding a new character, a pig, with the singer mentioning eggs and bacon end up on our plate. In a way, we could regard this new song as some kind of “homage” to this popular dish, in a similar fashion to how one of Takeo’s previous songs, “The chicken and the egg”, celebrated the egg incubator, an important part of the process of raising chicken.

Finally, the video also includes various funny sequences, such as the “secret” handshake between Takeo, the chicken and the pig, around the 4th minute.

Those not wanting to have to hear the dialogue each time they want to listen to the song can also find the full track here:

Furthermore, the track is also available on the usual music platforms, such as Amazon, Spotify or Google Play. As per usual, here’s the cover art of the single:

Since we are talking about Takeo Ischi, we also have a videoclip for another song the singer released in early 2018, “Kaasan No Uta” (“My mother’s work”), with the clip having been released in October of last year:

According to the information provided on Takeo’s website, the original version of this song was written and composed all the way back in 1956 by Satoshi Kubota, eventually becoming part of Japanese popular culture. The version Takeo sang in English was translated by Hikaru Kitabayashi, with the producer of the song, Noboru Suzuki, having chosen it due to this one reminding him of his own mother, mother which raised him in difficult times following the end of World War II. It is hard to deny that the song does carry nostalgia of a long-gone era, a time where things were much more different and simpler compared to today and, seeing the reason it was picked, harsher times too for simple citizens.

Takeo Ischi also sang a Japanese version of this song, available here, which, in our honest opinion, sounds much better than the translated version:

In any case, the next song in the series should be releasing in a few days, featuring a rat, which is quite fitting of the current period of time, with celebrations for the Lunar New Year/Chinese New Year starting in a few days, with the 25th January being the start of the Year of the Rat, according to the Zodiac calendar.