Huawei France opens online store

Huawei Mobile France has just announced the opening of their own online store, selling all their latest products directly to the consumer.

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This past 6th of November, Huawei Mobile France announced the launch of their own online store, selling dozens of products of the brand directly to consumers, without going through an intermediary. To celebrate this launch, the company offers big discounts on many products, between the 6th and the 13th November, with the discounts ranging from 10€ to 200€, depending on the amount spent.

Some of these promotions are quite interesting, such as the Mate 20 Pro with two mini speakers costing 449.99€ instead of 959.99€:

The store sells phones, as well as many accessories, such as the new smart glasses Huawei x Gentle Monster, which are also discounted, costing 349.99€ instead of 399.99€, or even the Watch GT 2 with the FreeLace, costing only 219.99€ instead of 329.98€:

We can also find the laptops from Huawei, with various MateBook models available, such as the MateBook D:

Other, more specialized products are also available, such as the new routers, like the AI Cube, the smart balance or the 128GB version of the Nano Memory cards:

The idea of launching their own online store is not new for Huawei. Already at the end of 2018, we had the opportunity of talking with a manager from Huawei Belgium, and we had asked him why Huawei didn’t have their own online store in Europe, in a similar fashion to what the company already has in China with Vmall. It is worth pointing out that in Europe, Huawei already had back then, in 2018, an online store for their subsidiary Honor, which makes budget smartphones, making the lack of an online store for Huawei quite weird. This manager had told us that the brand was going to open their online store “very soon”, but didn’t give any other details.

At the same time, while the opening of an official Huawei store in France is a welcome move, the fact that this one only ships inside the French territory is quite disappointing, and shows, once again, that the brand doesn’t seem to understand the European market. To this we have to add that the French part of Belgium could be considered, indirectly, as being “part of France”, mostly due to a similar culture, language and using the same AZERTY keyboard. The shipping being done through DHL, it wouldn’t have been difficult to ship to the Belgian territory, even in exchange of paying the shipping costs. This may be due to Huawei wanting to open an online store in Belgium too, although, if we are honest and having quite a lot of information on the subject, this seems unlikely to happen, or, if it is done, the Belgian consumer won’t have access to all the products sold in the neighbouring market.

For those interested in this new store and its promotions, you can find it here.

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