Catalonians’ bullshit

European People's Party [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

These last couple of days, we’ve been able to see on social networks tons of comments written by Catalonians (or, at least, that’s what we think) that speak of….very creative things, coming from a weird yet interesting imaginary world.

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​Some of them speak against an “Imperialist” fascist Spain that oppresses them, others mention “political prisoners”, a few declare that “the future of Catalonia is the future of Europe” and these ones, after having desperately begged the EU and other European Governments such as France of Germany, end up insulting everyone for not receiving the political backing they wanted.

In the last few days, we could hear them talk about some “referendum” that, from my knowledge, never happened. Even if Mas or Carles mentioned some kind of…important? event in Catalonia, it has even been ignored by the Spanish Government, due to them speaking in a language few of us understand. We could even ask ourselves if this isn’t a bad joke, but, who knows?

Here are some screenshots from Facebook:

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