Huawei extends warranty of smartphones in Europe

From Huawei.

Due to the current pandemic raging in the Western world, Huawei has extended the warranty of various of their products in Europe.

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Due to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that is raging in the Western world, forcing millions of Europeans to stay home for the coming weeks, disrupting their lives, Huawei has decided to close most of their stores and some of their service centres on the continent. Furthermore, most of the office employees have moved to working from home while the situation lasts.

In the countries where the service centres have been closed, such as in Belgium, in-warranty and out-of-warranty devices have been returned to customers, as the brand is unable to service them in the short-term, which is understandable. At the same time, since most of us are stuck at home and unable to fix our devices if these start failing inside the warranty period, the company is expanding the warranty on a number of their products, including smartphones, laptops, tablets, smartwatches or bands, or IoT devices such as routers and others.

This only covers products which warranties end between the 15th March and the 14th June 2020, with the warranty being extended to the 15th June 2020. In other words, devices whose warranty ends after the 14th June 2020 are not covered by this measure.

As previously mentioned, Huawei has had to return some repairs in some cases, and will be unable to service these devices in the short term. This depends of the country, with some service centres still open while others are closed. In some countries, Huawei already offers what they call a “contact-less” door-to-door repair service, where customers fill a form, the courier comes to pick up the device and drop it off at the service centre, and once repaired, it is shipped back to the customer. However, not all countries appear to have this service running, although it appears the company is intending on providing it to all affected regions.

Finally, while we mention “Europe” in the title of this article, we are unsure whether this warranty extension policy is being applied to all European countries. We’ve been able to confirm it for Spain, Belgium and the UK. It is relatively easy to find if one benefits from this warranty extension: users can login to the Huawei Support app [formally known as HiCare] on their smartphone and check in the “Recommended” tab whether there is an announcement from Huawei. This announcement should include the information provided in this article, or a similar text to the UK message.

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