Huawei P30 Pro receives update fixing some EMUI10 issues

Huawei has released a new update for the P30 Pro, fixing some system issues on EMUI10.

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Around two weeks ago, Huawei started rolling out the stable version of EMUI10 for users to test it out, after an extended beta. While this update is mostly stable and has very few problems, we’ve encountered a number of bugs or design issues. It would seem this previous update also has some other problems, judging by the latest patch released by the company, which claims to fix an issue where the system would freeze slightly in certain situations.

It would also seem that this EMUI10 update,, is actually not the final version, contrary to what Huawei seems to be indicating or claiming through their social media channels. This would explain why the patch notes felt incomplete, pointing out various issues that we were unable to reproduce or come across of.

This new update changes the version from VOG-L29 to VOG-L29 and is 150 MB in size.

The patch notes read as following:

  • [System] Fixes an issue where the system would freeze slightly in certain situations.

Ironically, we’ve haven’t finished our article comparing EMUI10 to EMUI9.1, with roughly half of the work done. We hope to finish it soon and will attempt to not install this update for as long as possible.

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