Puigdemont decides to back down

European People's Party [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

After various weeks of stress between the Catalonian government and the Spanish government, Puigdemont has accepted his defeat.

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​During the past two days, Puigdemont has had various meetings, probably looking for a solution to the problem he himself created. After some threats of resignation from different members of political parties that support him as well as accusations of treason coming from students and members of independentist parties, he has decided to not oppose the application of Article 155.

At the same time, the Senate is currently studying the proposition of the Government concerning the application of Article 155.

Since his last appearance, the Catalonian president has made various declarations, saying that he has studied all the available options before taking his decision, and that people won’t be able to say Catalonians weren’t open to talks with the government. In other words, the Catalonians are still going strong with their toxic propaganda, blaming the Spanish Government for all their issues. The usual. 

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