Apple cutting down production on iPhone 8, due to lower than expected demand

Tinh tế Photo [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

It has been reported that Apple has cut down on the production of its newest phone, the iPhone 8, due to a lack of sales and thus popularity. It seems that most Apple fans are focussing on the iPhone 7, due to how similar both are, and the little iPhone 8 has to offer over its predecessor.

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​It has been reported, from multiple sources, that the production of iPhone 8 has been cut down by half due to a lack of demand. Many people point out this may be due to the fact that iPhone 7 and 8 are basically the same, and that most people are going for the iPhone 7.

Many Android fans are, in fact, taking this as a victory over Apple, maybe forgetting a bit too quickly that the model that everybody is talking about is the iPhone X, starting at 1 159€ in Europe (Belgium pricing).

After all, you only need to spend two minutes around on the internet to start seeing this weird, nearly ill, obsession with the iPhone X. Some declare it’s the best phone ever. Others are “in love” with its shape (I wonder why? Doesn’t look very good to us, but that’s just our opinion….). Some lose their minds over it. In other words, the usual on Apple’s side.

Weirdly enough, many people think not many people will buy the iPhone X, due to its high price. But they seem to forget that we are talking about Apple here. The fact that iPhone X was the model the most hyped at Apple’s conference and the lack of popularity of the iPhone 8 can be explained very easily: most people are waiting for this model to arrive (launching November 3), and these same people do not care about the price.

On top of that, many people seem to forget that these days, you can buy a phone from any carrier with a relatively “cheap” contract, where, essentially, the customer gets the phone and has to pay it on “credit” for the next 12 to 24 months (some carriers even offer 36 months deals). So, an iPhone X isn’t as expensive (per month) as it seems.

In any case, it is also reported that there are production issues with Apple’s newest offering, due to the complicated design of the screen and its Face ID function. So even those who have decided to buy the iPhone X on launch may end up with a bad surprise, with very few units on launch.

Pre-orders opened Friday 27th, with most of the stock being sold out in less than an hour. Low stocks may have contributed to the issue, but it does show that, whatever people say, iPhone X will probably be one of the most sold phones this year.