Catalonia declares independence just to be suspended by Spanish government hours later

European People's Party [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Yesterday, Friday 27th, the Parliament had a secret voting and, with 70 votes for, they decided to approve the independence of Catalonia. A few hours later, Rajoy dismissed Puigdemont, announcing regional elections on December 21st. 

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Thursday, Puigdemont had declared his intention of letting the Spanish government apply Article 155. The next day, the Parliament organized a secret vote where, with 70 votes for and the opposition absent, they declared the independence of Catalonia… again.

The voting was done in secret and in an urn to avoid legal actions, since they knew that the law they were using had been suspended by the Constitutional Court. In other words, they voted illegally using a law that they themselves invented, law that goes against the Spanish Constitution. The reason to use this method is, as already mentioned, to avoid legal actions, since the secretism makes it more difficult to figure out which deputies voted for the independence.

But the party for the Catalonians was soon over, with the president of the government, Mariano Rajoy, dismissing the entire regional government, as well as the director of the police.

The 21st December, Catalonians will go vote for a new regional government. Meanwhile, the Spanish Government will be in charge of the functions of the Generalitat.

Various countries have expressed their support towards the Spanish Government, not recognizing the independence of Catalonia. Outside of Spain, thousands of people who don’t understand that the voting was illegal, have expressed their opinions on social networks, criticizing the Spanish Government, some with quite interesting insults.
Meanwhile, in Spain, the majority of the population is tired of the Catalonians, asking for the whole Catalonian government to be thrown into prison, now that article 155 has been applied.

Obviously, we all know that the Catalonians, who believe (or, actually, position themselves) they are the victims in this case, won’t stop there, and will continue lying and inventing reasons to ask for independence, with a few of them already rewriting history, saying that the Spanish Kingdom originally invaded them.

In an unexpected turn of events, the Catalonian ex-president keeps pestering, still believing he is the president of an inexistent government, asking to the Catalonians to oppose the Spanish Government. A few of them, obsessed with the independence of their region, don’t seem to be willing to stop and think for two minutes, and keep listening to the words of an already illegitimate leader. 

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