Audi will produce its electric cars in Brussels

From Audi’s website.

In September, Audi unveiled its fully electric car, the Audi e-tron, which will be produced in Audi’s Brussel factory, in Belgium.

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Around mid-September, Audi unveiled, in San-Francisco in the United States, the first fully electric car of the German brand. This car, the Audi e-tron, is manufactured in Audi’s Forest factory, in Brussels, Belgium.

To be able to welcome the production of this new vehicle, the factory had to be partially modified, with the works starting in 2016. The workers have been trained, and the factory is now capable of manufacturing its own batteries for the new vehicles. The company had to invest around 600 million euros to adapt for this new model. On top of these works, the factory has received a label for being carbon-neutral, thanks to close to 10 million euros invested in renewable energy, energy consumption and the treatment of waste.

The car that used to be manufactured in the factory, the Audi A1, isn’t produced there since August, with the production being replaced by the new e-tron. The A1 will now be manufactured in Spain, in the Audi factory in Martorell, in Catalonia.

Audi claims to have over 10 000 pre-orders for their new electric car, costing 80 000€. To be able to reserve one, the client has to pay a deposit of 2 000€. The company expects to start delivering the first models around the end of the year.

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