Huawei launches two new Mate 20 Pro colours: red and blue

In January, Huawei added two more colours to its Mate 20 Pro line-up.

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​At the beginning of January, Huawei added two new colours to its Mate 20 Pro line-up, adding Fragrant Red and Comet Blue. This brings the total of colours available for the Mate 20 Pro to seven, including the five that were launched initially.

The Mate 20 Pro in Fragrant Red is available in three different configurations, being 6GB/128GB, 8GB/128GB and 8GB/256GB, and costing, respectively, ¥5399[~710€], ¥5999[~790€] and ¥6799[~895€].

The Mate 20 Pro in Comet Blue is available in two configurations only, being 8GB/128GB or 8GB/256GB. The prices remain the same, being ¥5999[~790€] and ¥6799[~895€].

Keep in mind that, contrary to the European version, which has a fingerprint sensor under the display in its 6GB/128GB version, the Chinese version only has facial recognition in its base version. The in-screen fingerprint sensor is only available on the 8GB RAM version. For availability, the colours released in Europe are Black, Midnight Blue, Twilight and in some countries, Emerald Green. It is still unknown whether these new two new colours will be released in Europe, although it’s likely they won’t. 

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