DRSC Media reaches its first milestone!

DRSC Media, 2017

Since our creation at the end of 2017, we have published over 100 articles, covering multiple subjects in up to 3 different languages.

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Dear all,

Today, we are proud of our accomplishment. It took us longer than expected to reach the 100 articles milestone, but the first few months were difficult, as we’ve had just started.

Now, with over 100 articles behind us, we are much more confident about the future. DRSC Media will continue operating until the end of 2018, as originally planned, and continue covering multiple subjects such as technology, politics and economy. Alongside, DRSC Publishers will resume operations sooner than expected, with one or two new releases planned for 2018.

We’ve also talked to our investors, and some changes are needed to attain profitability. Currently, advertisements are placed at the end of our articles. This reduces visibility and thus pay-out. Without sponsors, we rely on these ads. Therefore, we will be moving them to the right side. We still refuse to put advertisements in between articles, at the top of them, etc. New articles will have this change implemented directly. Older articles will be updated over time.

If you use AdBlock, and like our work, we would like you to consider whitelisting our website, but it’s fine if you don’t. You can always support us directly by visiting drscpublishers.eu and buying a book from one of our authors.

Other changes involve a higher coverage of EU news. We already cover most of what is worth covering in terms of “EU news”, but we’ll start covering related subjects, in more detail.

We’ll be doing detailed reviews on specific products too.

In any case, thank you very much to the thousands of readers who’ve read our articles over the past few months,