Puigdemont doesn’t like Pig Demont’s pork

Adelais Domènech [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Puigdemont, the Catalonian ex-president currently on the run, has stopped a company from calling itself “Pig Demont”, due to the resemblance with his name. 

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In December of last year (2017), a businessman from Andalucía, named Juan Alberto López González, opened a company of Andalusian pork-derived products (sausages, basically), selling ham, wines, cheeses and oils. He picked a logo, a pig with glasses, and a name, “Pig Demont”. The businessman claims he picked this name playing on the English word “pig” and the French word “de mont” (of the hill), and that the pig is not a caricature of the runaway Catalonian ex-president Carles Puigdemont (Puchi for the friends).

When a company wants to register a logo, the submission process forces the logo to be published by the Office of Patents and Trademarks during a short amount of time, and if nobody opposes the registration during that period of time (2 months), then the process moves forward. In this case, the lawyer of Puigdemont in Spain opposed the registration of this trademark, temporarily stopping the process. The reason? The resemblance of the pig to Puigdemont. The Andalusian businessman has already contested the decision. According to his lawyer, the definitive answer could take 1 to 3 weeks to be given.

For those interested in checking this information themselves, click this link.

On the other hand, even if the Andalusian businessman says he didn’t choose this logo on purpose, there’s also the fact that he sells a wine called “Rufián”. This name is very similar to the name of Gabriel Rufián, another Catalonian independentist, who currently has a seat in the Congress of Deputies. Below we leave the video made by Mr. López González for the promotion of this wine:

The Andalusian businessman has left a message on his website that says:

“Due to the pressure, the lack of freedom of speech, the lack of sense of humour and the political cowardice no more orders will currently be accepted and all the people who already purchased will be served from Monday onwards
Alberto González López

It’s a shame, as those sausages look quite nice. If the Catalonian independentism keeps going on this way, what will they take away from us next time? The Turron of Alicante? The oil from Andalucía? The oranges from Murcia or the bananas from Canarias?

Meanwhile and suddenly, the Catalonian independentists are now capable of speaking in Spanish, but not to laugh of this “joke”. Instead, they insult the poor businessman. When the justice is against what they believe in, they insult and shame the country, but when the justice does them a favour, they praise it. Once again, they show how “peaceful” they are. Like when they attacked the police during the demonstrations of the 1-O, or when they assaulted the Catalonian council of Economy while this one was being searched by a judicial secretary in the 20-S.

We hope the Andalusian businessman comes out victorious of this case, knowing that what Spain currently needs is entrepreneurs creating business, pushing the economy forward, and bringing positive humour from time to time. Puigdemont? He can stay in Germany or Belgium.