DRSC Media taking a break for a few weeks

DRSC Media, 2017

DRSC Media will be taking a break from news for a few weeks, while we sort-out our new website.

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​Since May 2018, we have been publishing articles every day, ranging from one to sometimes 5 a day, until settling with 3 articles a day. Since then, in 5 months, we posted around 400 articles, and recently reached 500 published articles.

When we started this project, we picked our current host, but have since outgrown the platform, making it slow and hard to continue publishing more articles without a big change.

This is why, for the next few weeks, we’ll be taking a break. We have around 50 unpublished articles and are still working behind-the-scenes to translate and write even more, which we will post without specific order over the coming days. After this initial “flood”, we’ll post something from time to time, although without a specific schedule.

During these next few weeks, we’ll explore other hosting options, and redesign the website, with the hope of being able to do even more than we currently can, in terms of customization, page creation, organization, etc.

We cannot give a specific return date, but we expect this to take a few weeks to a few months. Until next time,

DRSC Media