Sabaton releases new single and music video, titled “Bismarck”

From Sabaton's website

Sabaton has released a new single titled “Bismarck”, talking about, obviously, the German battleship and its fate.

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Recently, Sabaton announced the release of their upcoming album, titled “The Great War”. The first single of this new album should be released on 3rd May, named “Fields of Verdun”. So it is with great surprise that the Swedish power metal band revealed a new song and music video, named “Bismarck”, talking about the WWII German battleship and its fate.

This new single should not be present on the upcoming album, as this one solely focuses on World War I. The band specifies this song was one of the most requested by fans, and thanks to Wargaming, makers of the videogames “World of Tanks” and “World of Warships”, the making of the following music video was possible:

The Bismarck was the largest ever German battleship, built between 1936 and 1940, in time for the start of World War II. The ship was eventually sank by the British in 1941, killing most of the over 2 000 men onboard.

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