T-Series takes the lead away from PewDiePie, currently over a million subscribers ahead

PewDiePie | From YouTube

The temporary advantage that PewDiePie regained after releasing “Congratulations” seems to have worn off, with the Swedish YouTuber again behind T-Series by over a million subscribers.

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After the release of PewDiePie’s “Congratulations” diss track on T-Series, the Swedish YouTuber managed to regain the number one spot, keeping it for a few more days. Sadly, it would seem this effect eventually wore off, with T-Series passing, once again, the ex-number one.

Currently, T-Series is ahead by a million and a half subscribers, with PewDiePie standing at an impressive 95 million and T-Series close to hitting the 97 million milestone.

At this point, whatever the ex-number one YouTuber tries, it would seem to be too late, especially with this one deciding to end the “subscriber” war, due to few events that are giving the race a bad image. Whether said seriously, or in an ironical way, the “First to reach the 100 million-mark wins” seems to be already taken by T-Series.

In any case, it was still an enjoyable period of time, seeing most of the community of creators rallying together for a single goal, followed by their respective communities, making this a rare moment where most people on the internet agreed/worked towards a single goal.

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