Porsche fined half a billion euros over Dieselgate scandal

unsplash-logoOlav Tvedt

German luxury automaker Porsche has been fined over half a billion euros due their involvement in the Dieselgate scandal.

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German authorities have fined luxury automaker Porsche 535 million euros due to their involvement in the Dieselgate scandal. Porsche, one of the many brands owned by German car maker giant Volkswagen, used engines from its parent company, which were fitted with software to cheat emissions tests. With this software, the cars would be inside the norms during tests, but pollute more than allowed when on the road. Some 11 million cars were fitted with this “technology”, which ended in a scandal followed by authorities fining Volkswagen. The entire case has costed the German group 30 billion euros in fines, with most of it paid in the United States. Meanwhile, German authorities fined the various brands smaller amounts, seen by many as a move by the government to protect its industry.

Coming back to Porsche, the company did not appeal the decision.

At the end of last year, Porsche had announced its intention of stopping sales of diesel vehicles and focusing on their hybrid/electric line-up. The company is expected to reveal their “Taycan” electric car at the end of this year.

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