Extremely pacific Muslims threaten the Netherlands with death and nuclear strikes over a drawing contest

unsplash-logoMajid Korang beheshti

In another display of this so called “religion of peace”, an Islamic political party in Pakistan has condemned the Netherlands, due to them holding a drawing contest.

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In this contest, organized by Wilders, a Dutch politician, participants have to draw the Prophet and if their drawing wins, they’ll get 5 000€. Before the outrage sparked, there were some 200 entries, with the results set to be announced in November.

Well, this extremely peaceful religion that Islam is has again showed its true colours. Because sure, Islam is peaceful, if everybody on this planet were to be Muslims, and even there, it wouldn’t be the case, seeing how Muslims fight against each other, between ideological groups, just as Christians did in the past. In any case, this religion of death, destruction and war has shown, once again, its true colours: a political party in Pakistan, named TLP, have organized protests against the Netherlands due to a drawing contest.

The protesters demand the contest to be cancelled and summoned a Dutch representative to complain. They threatened to continue protesting until either the contest got cancelled, or the Dutch envoy had been expelled.

But then comes the best part, showing how peaceful these people are: one of the leaders of this party said that “only jihad” was enough, and went as far as asking for a nuclear strike against the Dutch country. Because of a drawing!!!

This is not the first time the Muslim world comes after freedom of speech in Europe. In 2005, a Danish newspaper, Jyllands-Posten, published a series of cartoons depicting the Prophet with a bomb on its turban. Numerous violent protests took place in Muslim countries, demanding the death of the cartoonists, threatening the journal and to cut ties with the Nordic country. A boycott of Danish products was also organized. One of the cartoonists has lived under police protection for a number of years, and the editor of the newspaper put on a hit list by Al-Qaeda. This event also brought the Charlie Hebdo attack in 2015, killing 12 people. The same year, a shooting took place in a café in Copenhagen, aiming at the Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks, also present on the Al-Qaeda hit list, after drawing cartoons about the Prophet.

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