Kizuna AI releases new single, “Sky High”

Recently, Kizuna AI published a series of short video teasers for a new song, “Sky High”.

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Kizuna AI’s 12th single is already here, titled “Sky High”. The song was released on the 30th of June on various platforms such as iTunes and Spotify. According to the following tweet, the date was chosen as it matched exactly one year since the VTuber/artist sang for the first time “Hello, Morning”, her debut single:
“I sang “Hello, morning” for the first time on June 30, 2018. And on June 30, 2019, I sang “Sky High”. Kizuna AI will continue singing. […]” (Translated with Google Translate)

The first teaser for the new single was posted on the 27th of June (for us here in Europe) on Kizuna AI’s YouTube channel:

This was followed by a second teaser, and a release of the single on the most popular platforms, as previously mentioned:

On the 15th (yesterday), the third teaser was posted, mentioning a date at the end, the 22nd of July:

It is unclear what will happen on the 22nd. From the few comments asking about it, both in English and Japanese, nobody seems to have a clear idea of what will be released or what kind of event will be taking place. Regardless, for those interested, the full song is available here:

For fans, the good news don’t stop here, as a different tweet mentions a second song should be released somewhere in the second half of 2019:

“The #HelloMorning First Anniversary is also the first anniversary of my artist debut. I still want to convey so many songs, a wonderful stage, and my heartfelt gratitude and joy. A coming summer/autumn event, a new song announced today. And a new song not yet announced! In the second half of 2019, we sprint!” (Translated with Google Translate)

And for those interested, here are the other images used for the teasers, as well as the single cover:

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