A look at Huawei’s P30 Pro insane zoom

Yesterday, Huawei launched the P30 series, introducing an impressive x50 zoom on its high-end model.

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Yesterday, the 26th of March, Huawei launched the P30 series in Paris, introducing two models, the P30 and the P30 Pro. While the P30 comes with a triple-camera set-up, the P30 Pro introduces a quad-camera set-up, using a ToF camera and a “periscope” lens, allowing to zoom up to 50 times. This is rather impressive, especially for such a compact device, with rather satisfying results in various scenarios.

Thanks to our friends at the Huawei Experience Store in Brussels, we were able to check out both the P30 and P30 Pro, and take some pictures around the store, located in the city-centre of the Belgian capital. The settings used are the following: MasterAI enabled, all photos taken in automatic mode (no Pro mode) and handheld. Please also keep in mind the device we used was not meant for sale. The EMUI version is

This first series of pictures were taken inside the Huawei Experience Store:

Next are some pictures taken outside the store:

Some might have recognized the following location, but for those who are not aware, this is the “Grand Place” in Brussels:

And here’s a short video showing the zoom of the P30 Pro:

This article is meant as a quick preview of the capabilities of the P30 Pro camera. We will be publishing a more detailed article later, comparing the P30 Pro camera to the P30 and P20 Pro, with more pictures taken in different spots of the city centre.

Concerning the x50 zoom, it is indeed rather impressive, but not easy to use, as even with steady hands, any small movement or trembling will make it really hard to capture a specific image. For this reason, we would recommend using some kind of support to keep the device steady, although the probability the average user will use the x50 zoom is slim, due to the low-quality pictures produced.

As previously mentioned, the device was lent to us by the Huawei Experience Store in Brussels. Here’s the address:

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