The American Hypocrisy: Huawei accused of spying by… the NSA

Over the past few years, the American government and administration has shown signs of not only being biased, but acting against the interest of its citizens.

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Recently, Huawei launched the Mate 10 Pro in the US. As a reminder, this device was launched in Europe a few months ago. You can check our article here.

This launch did not come without its share of drama. Some Americans immediately dismissed the device for being “Chinese”, or using an old argument about Huawei spying on its customers, which was never proven.

But, after the launch, the NSA and a few politicians asked to the Congress to ban Huawei devices from American administrations. This already caused some noise and trouble for the Chinese manufacturer.
The final blow to Huawei’s American dream came a few days ago, when the NSA and a few others security agencies (6 of them, to be exact, which already raises a few eyebrows. Why the need of so many security agencies for a single country?) advised the American public to not buy Huawei phones as they “could” be used to spy on them.

Except these declarations were made without any proofs, as per usual.

Huawei’s trouble in the US isn’t new. Already in the past (2012, mainly), the US government blocked Huawei’s operations in the US, banning them from bidding on specific telecom contracts to provide digital infrastructure (network, antennas, etc).

Huawei released a press note, commenting on the issue, dismissing all accusations
Now, the hypocrisy in this one is so strong that it doesn´t need to be pointed out: it has been proven, multiple times, that the NSA spied on millions of people and gathered billions of messages and phone calls, without our consent (which is logical, otherwise it wouldn’t be called “spying”). This happened multiple times, and proven again and again, first with Wikileaks, with Assange still in hiding, then with the Cisco case, and EVEN Huawei complaining about the NSA having spied on their servers!

A word on the Cisco case: this proves that we shouldn’t be buying American hardware for important operations. At least Huawei’s server hardware seems much more secure than Cisco’s.

The attack on Huawei by the American government is, at the end of the day, disguised protectionism and fearmongering against China. After all, the staggering majority of smartphones are manufactured in China, and ironically, iPhones and some Huawei devices are manufactured by the same company: Foxconn. So why would an iPhone be more secure than a Huawei phone? Apple being an American company, it is guaranteed that the NSA has a backdoor on their devices, which would mean using a Huawei device would be better, if trying to escape from the NSA.

The US should probably focus on bigger issues, instead of focussing on a Chinese phone maker, such as maybe using all their spying power to prevent tragedies such as the recent one in Florida. Or maybe that’s fine? That’s just normal in the US and shouldn’t be stopped? Oh, right, yes, it is normal, and even backed by their president, with the National Rifle Association having given him close to 30 million $ in funding.

In any case, this is just a ridiculous attack on what is easily the best and most innovative smartphone maker in the current market.

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