Huawei teases P40 series launch

From Huawei.

With the P40 series launch getting closer, the company has started teasing their future flagships on social media.

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Due to the current events, various companies have delayed the launch of their flagship devices, or even cancelled press events and released said devices at a later date. Others, such as Huawei, have decided to stick with the original schedule, with the company confirming once again their intention of unveiling their next P series line-up on the 26th of March 2020. However, the Paris launch is cancelled, which is a shame, as this one has always been grandiose and memorable, with the P20 series launch coming to mind. Instead, the brand will settle for an online launch, similar to what they already did for the Mate Xs during the Mobile World Congress 2020.

Huawei also published a teaser of their upcoming flagships, first on Weibo, and then on other social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook. This first teaser doesn’t reveal much apart from a rather large camera bump, although, without having the full device for comparison, this bump might be smaller (or larger) than expected. The company is also using the tagline “Visionary Photography”, with the original Weibo post providing a lot more information than the version shared internationally:

This teaser was accompanied with the words “Super clear at all times” and “Witness the new standard of mobile imaging”, which, coupled with Richard Yu’s words from the MWC2020 claiming that the P40 series would be much better than their competitors, points to an even better night mode and even more amazing pictures taken in broad daylight.

Ironically, Huawei Belgium mistakenly shared a second teaser of the P40 series. We say “mistakenly” because the company ended up deleting the teaser, although it was too late for them, with us having saved a high-quality version of it:

This second teaser reveals quite a lot of small details about one of the P40 series models, although, at the same time, doesn’t confirm much. Of course, we are aware most of the details and renders of the P40 series have leaked over the past few days, but we are voluntarily ignoring these and basing our article purely out of the current official information. The first immediate detail we can point out is the curved glass on what appears to be the back of the device, in black:

The back appears to be curved on all four sides, contrary to the P30 or Mate 30 series, where both the top and bottom have nearly a clean cut. Furthermore, the screen also appears to be curved, due to the top side shown being wider than the rest of the frame of the phone:

We can also tell from the picture that the device shown on the teaser is black with a metallic/silver-coloured frame.

From previously available information, Huawei also mentioned the P40 series will be available through regular retailers and carriers, contrary to the Mate 30 Pro, which, so far, has only been made available through Huawei’s online stores throughout Europe, as well as some third-party retailers in some cases, such as in Spain. The company has also already launched their P40 Lite in various countries, such as Spain or France, retailing for around 300€ and with generous gifts to convince buyers, like the FreeBuds 3 in Spain.

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