Huawei teases new versions of the Watch GT2, coming alongside the P40 series

From Huawei.

Huawei has teased a new product launching alongside the P40 series, being new variants of the Watch GT2.

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With barely a week left to go before the official presentation of the P40 series, Huawei continues teasing new products that will be unveiled alongside their flagship devices. While just yesterday the company teased a new variant of their Watch GT2, the GT 2e, today we learn that two new colours of the Watch GT2 will also be launched:

Seeing the design and the colours shown, these seem to be the smaller, 42mm variants of the Watch GT2, which have half the battery life of the regular, 46mm Watch GT2, being one week instead of two, and lacking a few other features. This guess comes mostly from the fact that both colours appear to be quite refined, coupled with the design showcased, and the 42mm variant being more feminine overall. In terms of pricing, the 42mm models were launched for 229€ in Europe, so these two models might end up costing the same.

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