Huawei P40 Pro+ releasing at the end of June in Europe

From Huawei.

Huawei’s most advanced flagship phone will be releasing at the end of June of this year in Europe, after months of wait.

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At the launch of the P40 series, Huawei unveiled both the P40 and P40 Pro, as well as adding a new member to the family, the P40 Pro+. While the two other models were up for pre-order almost immediately after the launch presentation, the manufacturer specified the P40 Pro+ would be coming out at a later date, in June of this year. Now, Huawei has finally announced a release date in China, with the device going up on pre-sale on the 1st of June and releasing on the 6th of June, with one of the members of Huawei’s marketing team confirming that the device will, indeed, launch in Europe, at the end of June of this year, 2020. Of course, this launch window might vary from country, with markets such as Belgium usually getting devices a few weeks after major markets such as Spain or Italy.

In terms of pricing, while nothing was mentioned, this one will likely match the previous official pricing, being 1399€ for the only variant available, being 8GB of RAM and 512GB of internal storage.

The P40 Pro+ is overall the same device as the regular P40 Pro, although comes with some improvements, such as 40W wireless charging instead of 27W, or a ceramic back cover instead of glass. Colours-wise, the P40 Pro+ is only available in either black or white, being quite classical colours, while the regular P40 and P40 Pro are available in many other colours. However, the biggest difference is on the camera, with the P40 Pro coming with a x5 telephoto lens, while the P40 Pro+ switches this one by a x10 telephoto lens, allowing users to zoom up to x100 with a good enough quality. Furthermore, we find a fifth camera on this device, being a x3 telephoto lens, allowing users to switch between x3 or x10 optical zoom.

Sadly, despite this rather impressive technological feat that the manufacturer has managed to pull, by cramming a x10 telephoto lens in such a reduced space, we can’t help but feel slightly disappointed, as it is a shame to see the x5 telephoto lens replaced by a x3 to make room for the bigger x10, but the compromise remains understandable as, otherwise, the device would have come with either a smaller battery or a bigger body.

The pricing is also relatively steep, with the regular P40 Pro with 8GB of RAM  and 256GB of internal storage costing 999€, while, in this case, an increase in the wireless charging speed, doubling the internal storage, a better back cover and an improved camera cost 400€, which is quite hard to justify, unless the brand decides to give as many gifts as they’ve given with the P40 Pro, such as a Watch GT2e and the FreeBuds 3, or even the new 40W wireless charger together with the two other gifts. Of course, those looking for the best smartphone for photography on the market, regardless of the price, will not mind this 1399€ pricing, but regular consumers might not see the benefits and instead stick with the regular P40 Pro.

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